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We love working on ideas or concepts that are innovative and disruptive. This can be a disruption in business model, user experience or implementation of new technology. This is our sweet spot and this is where we add maximum value.


Release Fast and Release Often: With this key principle of Lean Startup, we have been able to establish a solid foothold in various Fortune 500 companies ranging in Retail, Music, Insurance, Health and Telecom sector worldwide.



Taking a germ of an idea to MVP to the stage of investment and beyond -we have worked with over 20 startups to build products that customers actually want.



We have coached many different startups and enterprises into the Lean Startup way of working and walked them through their Agile transformation. Our coaches are real-life entrepreneurs who bring about their first-hand experience into coaching sessions.

Our Services


Product Strategy

We help you slice your products vertically to define the MVP, according to the value proposition and the customer segment you are targeting. The idea is to avoid building waste


Design & Development

With an experience of over 50 products, we are pioneers in mobile, e-Commerce and web technologies. We deliver excellent quality (right coding = sustainable product) through continuous improvement. We take our retrospectives seriously.


Crowd Testing

We test apps and websites using the power of real users, who give us direct feedback on how we can improve the product


Big Data

Data is the only truth we believe in. Our open source building blocks for Big Data include web and enterprise crawler, Sentiment analysis, Trends and Predictions, Mobile Context Miner. We specialize in analyzing unstructured data, mobile data mining and Splunk implementation

Team Members

Narjeet Soni - CEO
Build awesome products – ex-adidas, ex-Infosys

Narjeet is a Digital Transformation and Lean Innovation coach who helps corporates and startups avoid making expensive mistakes.

His philosophy: Fail Fast, Fail Often, Fail Cheap!

#digitaltransformation #agile #leaninnovation #productdev

Balakrishnan Ayalur - CTO
Strive for perfection – ex-adidas, ex-P&G, ex-Reebok, ex-Infosys

Bala is our Technical ninja, who takes away all our technical roadblocks away with his magical wand. His logic is simple:

if (I know the technology) {
I will deliver the best quality product, very fast;
else {
I will learn the technology in next 2 days;
I will deliver the best quality product, very fast;

#devops #technology #datascientist #techarchitect

Gaurav Soni - COO
Get things done! – ex-HP, ex-Airtel

Gaurav is our Operation head, who makes sure things get delivered – in time and in quality. He is responsible for everything that needs to be done for smooth operations at offshore.

His philosophy is simple “GET S#!T DONE”

#agile #offshoredelivery #operations #productmanagement

Vishal Arora - Business Development (US)
measure, analyze, improve, repeat - ex-HP, ex-IBM

Vishal is our US partner, who is always on the hunt for the next improvement opportunity to help our clients.

His philosophy: Even perfection can be improved !!

Having worked with Fortune 500 companies across 5 continents, he understands the value of a truly agile and lean way of achieving results.

#sales #lean #consulting #operations #technology

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